Van Morrison

#feels because Van.

“If I ventured way out in the slipstream, between the viaducts of your dreams. Where immobile steel rims crack and the ditch in the back roads stop. Could you find me? Would you kiss-a my eyes?” #feels because Van. Track: Astral Weeks Artist: Van Morrison Album: Astral Weeks […]

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Kilian Schoenberger_Crooked Forest_Photography

Art that matters: Kilian Schönberger.

In a place far, far away near the village Nowe Czarnowo in northwestern Poland lies a land straight out of your European grandmother’s dark, ancient folktale. A place where Hansel and Gretel themselves could have easily gotten lost in, where faeries hopscotch between fog and shadows and […]

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Rogue waves.

Rogue waves – the once mythical beasts of the seafarer’s tall tale – are now regarded by science as a very real phenomenon. They are the freaks of the ocean that arise out of seemingly nowhere. They’re the anomaly in the set. The 100ft beast in the […]

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