A Memo of Appreciation for The Muses

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The Good, Words

Henri Matisse & his model, 1939

I love when The Masters Unseen
drop a lightning bolt right into my lap.
“Rond de jambe,” they whispered to me while I wrote today.
Precisely the word I was looking for.
The one that I could have never found.
Thank you to all you Muses.
The same ones who tended to Rimbaud,
who looked after Muddy,
Dylan and Van.
This is my memo of appreciation
for the gifts you bring
like our very own pieces
that click
into an eternal
unfinished puzzle
the same one
we’re all pondering,
Doing our work,
slaving by the kitchen
or the ocean, or in an office,
our studio, our home.
Trying to fill in our part of your picture
bellies down
swinging legs
heads cocked in our
soft paws
staring into
a scattered void.
To find the answers
to our one heart,
and its strings
and our bows.

A poem by Creedence.

[read more poetry here]

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