#ThisShouldBeShared: ‘Bridging Western Medicine & Shamanism’ A conversation between Veronica Hernandez & Shonagh Home

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The Holy, Third Eye Multimedia

Hoja Elegante by Flor Garduño, Mexico, 1998

 “It’s not easy sometimes to be a human being.
We have spirit and we have matter. There’s a struggle sometimes on how to integrate and connect those two.”

Veronica Hernandez

An incredibly excellent conversation between Veronica Hernandez & Shonagh Home bridging Western Medicine and Shamanism, and everything in between.

Click here to listen.

Shonagh is an author, shaman, sacred beekeeper and a woman whom I believe is activating very important conversations to encourage deeper exploration into mysteries and the hidden world.

Veronica is a clinical psychologist and a shamanic practitioner who I’m excited to have discovered thanks to this podcast hosted by Psychedelic Salon.

This is a conversation that traverses many different topics including ayahuasca, San Pedro, shamanism, Jung psychology, transformation, becoming the creator of your own life, entheogens and ‘finding the God within’, shadow work and using psychedelic medicines as a vessel for our individuation.


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