THE JUNGLE PAPER: The Good, The Beautiful & The Holy


The Jungle Paper is a blog dedicated to the good, the beautiful and the holy of what matters.

Here you will find words, art, poetry and music inspired by life, love, truth, nature and the sacred plant medicines ayahuasca and huachuma.

It has been created, collected and curated by Creedence Caves (AKA Rachael Sorensen) – a writer and artist from Australia. Also, the person who’s currently writing this to you… hello 🙂

I made The Jungle Paper because I believe that the role of the artist  is to forge paths that draw us closer to the mystery and the magic of the world. That lead us to the places where our most exquisite loves, dreams, heartbreaks, hopes, pains, orgasms mysteries and truths dwell. The places the overculture tends to keep us well distracted from. The places that we even avoid ourselves for fear of what we may find. To the places within us where the good, the beautiful and the holy of what really matters lies.

I hope this leads you there. I hope this makes you warm. I hope this fills you. But most of all, I hope this makes you feel.



P.S. The Jungle Paper has grown and changed significantly since it was founded in 2013. As a result, several articles have been deleted.  For more details click here to discover why I decided to start over.  

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’ve not seen anything like your space anywhere else. It is beautiful and soulful and very moving, indeed.

    Wishing you much peace, always.


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