Poetry_You Were Not A Mountain_ The Jungle Paper

You were not a mountain.

you were not a mountain out of nowhere by the valley you rose you were not a mountain beckoning like some kind of eminence echoing; ‘baby, I’m the one you’ve been waiting for’ you were not a mountain i loved your erratics, your ridges, your […]

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Pine, Lake Tenaya, Yosemite National Park, shot by Edward Weston, 1937

Art that matters: Edward Weston.

    “The camera should be used for a recording of life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh.” – Edward Weston       “Clouds, torsos, shells, peppers, trees, rocks, smoke stacks, […]

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I hope this makes you feel_ The Jungle Paper

I hope this makes you feel.

In December 2014, The Jungle Paper came to an end. An active digital space was abandoned without warning. No ‘gon’ fishin’ sign left at the front gate. Followers and visitors were left to pick at its remains. This is the first post since then. The concept for The Jungle […]

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Tássia Bianchini makes art that moves. This Brazilian-based artist choreographs painted works that send her acrylics leaping from their 2D foundation in a symphonious expression of colour with brushes stroking a blank stage in forms that dance to a magnificent tension of soul. Keep scrolling down to experience Tassia’s work along with […]

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